Saturday, July 2, 2011

~ Glamour ~

I enjoyed putting this look together today.
It definitly has been a while since I wore so much make up ;)
This all got together due to the first jewelry set I make in Secondlife.
Black Pearls con Rosa.
Yes , I am very proud of it.
Though I do admit am rusty it has been about 3 yrs since I create jewerly in 3d.
It is available at Lushish Catz ( lingerie area)
Resizeable script , Yes copy, No transfer.
Comes with the earrings, pearl necklace and of course a sexy ankle bracelet.

I really do like black and white pictures. This was a must do!!

Photographer & Model : Kayshla Aristocrat
Dress- Lushish Catz- Lee

Jewelry- Lushish Catz jewelry and accessories - Black Pearls con Rosa
Ring -[ glow ] studio - Rose with Dew Ring

Hair - Vanity Hair:Folie d'Ete-Blonde

Shoes - B! Shoes - The Rose