Hunts-Free Gifts

If you are a Lush member - please be sure to look in the past notices. Randomly I send out many exclusives to the group. Never been sold in store, stuff an trying out asking for input, cleaning out my closet ;) or  just special items I make for myself then share it.  I hope you enjoy them.
A Note to Hunters
 The items I do for hunts are all quality items. I usually make the item for him/her. Now keep in mind that the women's clothing are yes copy, no transfer and the men's is no copy, yes transfer. I do this because mostly women hunt items and its a great way to share with your partner.  This is only if the hunt is a theme that is not just for ladies only. Also, look for hints at the entrance of the store by all the signs/banners. If you don't see any hints visit the website by clicking the sign of the hunt you are doing. Please don't ask the models from the store. They do not know where I hide the item.  Another thing to remember follow the hunt rules. Some hunts require you to join group and wear an object in order to purchase item. One thing I have learned with hunts- Using your camera to look around in a store won't help. Walk around  this way the object will rezz clear. I never hide the item more than 50m away. Happy Hunting and enjoy the gifts.
Free Gifts are given to group members that pay a $25L fee to join.
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Disclaimer:  I have the right to decline a picture. Store is rated mature.
According to Linden Labs, disclosure of chat logs without prior consent is a violation of the ToS. This clearly states to you that by IM'ing me about anything related to Lushish Catz & OH Kay, having read or having not read this statement, you consent to being logged and that those logs can be used at my discretion without any further notice beyond these statements in this profile. This notice includes public Chat. Thank You