Saturday, May 31, 2014

CRaazZZy CaRt SaLe

Items are now available but event starts June 1st 

TyeDye Bikini is an exclusive for just $65L 
The bikini comes with top and 2 bottom parts/with ribbons or with out/ earrings and appliers

Chani is a mesh dress available as a free gift

Last photo is the setup with other items prices at $35L or less

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Lushish Catz @ LIKE

Lushish Catz has all new releases for the LIKE Sale room event.
 It is now located at a new area and better than ever. 
This event runs for 2 weeks. All items are at a discount price. 

Lingerie - I See Fire : w/appliers /hat 

Outfit - Checkers : MESH top /Shorts with appliers for Phat & Cute Azz 

Drape MESH top ( NO APPLIERS) 
Comes in 11 different styles 
each sold for $40L 


Lushish Catz has releases 4 new mesh tube tops and more coming out this week.
The tops come in the default sizes with alpha. You get 2 per pack. 
Find them on the rack clipped on the hangers.
Puta Chula  ----- Bebe Gata 
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