Friday, January 27, 2012

Great deals this weekend

As you know Lushish Catz started this year with a new idea. We offer our group members a new item each weekend for just $10L and all you need to do is wear your tag from Lushish Catz to purchase. But for those that don't have room or are subscribe o matic members you can still purchase these items for $10L the last weekend of the month without the tag. This weekend we offer all 4 $10L items However , the new item must wear tag to purchase.

Glass love this week new item for $10L please wear the group tag when you purchase.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


Vinlia in 4 colors Red, Brown, Black and Pink. I am proud of this one as it is another hand drawn top and pants. The hardest part was the shading around the breast but ending result came out awesome. Prim skirt is from a shirt template I had purchased a while ago. Monday Mania will have the red one on sale for $50L perfect for Valentine's Day. Enjoy