Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fifty5 Thursday

Don't miss this wonderful sale that will last just 24hrs. Fifty5 Thursday 5/3. Each outfit is just $55L . Both outfits are new releases. Mariah- Hot Pants/Booty shorts with high waist, Body suit/top, Broach, Bracelet and Shoes

Free Gifts

Lucky letter is great at Lushish Catz. Each time it is set up with new exclusive items that will not be sold in the store. After it is removed you can find it on Marketplace. Starting May we have 2 jean outfit sets. Leopard and Babie Blu as prizes.

Spring Flowers

Full outfit set for the spring and summer fashion. Lushish Catz has Flora and Sunshine available in stores now. This outfit comes with Shorts high up waist, top, earrings, hair clip and shoes.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Beacon of Hope Hunt

Beacon of Hope hunt starts May 1st. Lushish Catz has a new dress with earrings called Lisa for this event and the cost is just $1L Also participating will be Kay's Art Gallery. Gift is called Golden Affection - $1L. Lindens go to Relay for life.