Friday, November 21, 2014


Lushish Catz - new release Bychi
Leather pants with leopard print design, blouse is open front strap around neck,
jacket is in mesh dark grey. Appliers includes for Phat & Cute azz which can be used for Ghetto and banned booty. Lola's tango, Lena Lush body and Venus mesh body.
Outfit can be worn with or with out appliers
On sale the 21st /24 hrs just $50L in store only.
Shown belong pasties from Lola's tango to give a PG  view.


Lushish Catz -new lingerie for women and extra boxers for men ( transferable)
Wild outfit includes the following :
Strapless bra : thong: garter: stocking: necklace: bracelet : earrings and men's boxers
Lingerie can be worn with out appliers or add them on only for the following
Lola's tango ( works with other breast), Phat Azz ( works for Cute azz, Ghetto Booty and Banned)
Lena Lush Body and Venus Mesh body

Available only at our store at  Immerse & Seductione - Or marketplace

Monday, November 17, 2014

Winter Storm

Lushish Catz - Special promo deal $25L
Winter Storm
Long sleeve mini dress that can be worn with or with out appliers.
Included are appliers for Lola's Tango, Phat Azz & Cute Azz, Lena Mesh Body and Venus Mesh Body. ( phat azz appliers work for ghetto and banned )

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Karyn Dresses

Lushish Catz - Karyn is a mesh collection of beautiful gown that come in 6 different colors.
Wear the hud to change colors to teal, silver, blue, red, purple and black.
Available on marketplace and in main store.