Thursday, April 14, 2011

Elegant is the word

Seriously, you are going to see this gown all over this blog, and why? Well just look at it for a second, do I need to explain. Let's forget for a second that the model is gorgeous (Oh, and I am trying)... The gown is everything that makes Lushish Catz what it is, sleek, sexy, elegant and WooooW! and it also has just that little element of, Mmmm! cheeky. I am going to get the chance to style this outfit, so watch out for it in the Styles of the week section, but I am gonna have to do a good job to make it look any better than it does already. The outfit is available in 5 stunning colors at an amazing Lushish Catz price of $L300, so girls if you are planning on a special event, or a nights dancing at Franks, this is the gown for you.