Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lushish Catz @ LIKE

Lushish Catz - All new items for Like Event Room 
This event starts today and last for 2 weeks
*Discount price of 50% or more is only available at this location and for the limited time* 
 Hurry in and check out these great deals and more. 
Will be available in main store and marketplace after the first week

Hayley- Lingerie sexy trio set of bright vibrant colors that are just fun for the summer time.
Lime, Turquoise and Pink. Mix and match don't be shy! They all match each other and combining them will just make it even much more sexier. They come with appliers for Lola's tango, Lush, Phat & Cute Azz

Arasi - collection of 3 Summer Boho long gown are in MESH. *NO APPLIERS* Each is detailed designed

Angel Wings Earrings  - I love accessories  :)  These beautiful delicate earrings come in Pure and Dark. They have a resize script so you can size as you want.  They are at a great price of just $35L for 2 weeks.